What would Jesus do?
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Have you ever been in a situation where you wished you had asked “what would Jesus do if He knew?

Several years ago I had a disagreement with a co-worker. I allowed Satan to enter my world, I became so upset that I was frazzled?

I still remember the degree of anger stirred up inside me. On that day, I was so mad that I had to leave the office, walk around a little, vent, and just let it all hang out.  

Somehow I ended up in my boss’s office. He asked me “what was wrong?” I replied in gibberish, ” so-in-so is stupid and blah, blah, blah.” I ranted for a good minute before finally pausing, and asking my boss “what should I do?

I added, “what would you do if it were you?” 

My boss looked at me and responded with another question. Guess he did not know you don’t answer a question with a question. but, well this question is always permissible as an answer. My boss’s question to me was:  “What would Jesus do?”

OMG! Why did he have to go there? I didn’t want to go there I just wanted to be angry for as long as it took to rise above the situation. However, this is what happens when you cross paths with a Christian in the midst of saying or doing something God would not approve of.

We need God’s people standing in the gap to keep us from stumbling too bad. My boss’s question caused my heart to stop. Yeah, I had to “stop, look and listen, to him.” His spirit commanded my attention because he was the “real deal.”

This man was more than a windbag for Church, he genuinely cared about people and their souls. His words, work, and demeanor exuded evidence of his love for the Lord. His question immediately obliterated every morsel of my pointed rage. In fact, the question that he posed was so powerful it embarrassed me to answer. It also made me rethink the essence of my anger which I allowed to manifest without true merit!

After calming down, I eventually answered my boss. 

First I answered his question “what would Jesus do?” 

I said,  “Well, Jesus certainly would not do what I was thinking about doing before you asked me the question about what would he do.”

As I continued my revelation of thoughts and something deep-down inside provoked me to conduct a self-inventory. I became interested in what was wrong with me, my demeanor, and my spiritual health.

While pondering I uttered, “Jesus wouldn’t act the way I’m acting either.”

On that day I learned a valuable lesson. I learned when Satan attacks by way of filling the heart with angry words, before you speak those words, ask yourself “what would Jesus say or do?” While the concept may sound elementary on the surface, it is actually brilliant and simple to regurgitate.

It is impossible to do or say the wrong thing when God puts words in your mouth or directs your actions.

God will never tell us to intentionally do harm to another. The harm I speak of is not limited to physical and emotional harm. That harm encompasses spiritual, financial, criminal, and psychological harm. 

Today I’m reminded of another wise saying; “If what you’re doing or saying doesn’t make sense unless you don’t think about it, then what you’re saying or doing is probably wrong or stupid, maybe even both.” 

Have you ever been in a situation where you should have asked Jesus, what would He do if He were you?”

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